Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Guitar Messiah

John Mayer's new concert DVD and album hit stores today. This is the Los Angeles concert I couldn't attend because I scheduled my office party for the same night just two days before the big concert announcement. Since I picked the restaurant and I'm the junior partner, I couldn't bag for John Mayer. It's okay because we have many good years ahead of us -- Andrew, me and John Mayer.

There was a special screening of the film last night so we went. I'm not the craziest or most vocal JM fan, but this is one musician whose albums I pledge to buy until the music stops or I keel over. I've watched "Any Given Thursday" tons of times in my living room. It was incredible seeing this on the big screen.

Over the four years I've been going to his shows and the six years I've been buying his albums, he's gone from mere guitar virtuoso and clever songwriter to something out of this world. The way he tickles the guitar is incredible (and it does look like tickling since his fingers move so fast). I was totally blown away.

As a side note, John Mayer is the musician who most inspires me. I haven't picked up one of my guitars in several months. After seeing this film, I'm going to make some time to play. The only way to become the master of anything is with practice. I think JM has proven that.

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