Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Moore Weekends

A crazy little thing I like to do at my house on the weekend is make Andrew Moore take my photograph. He usually winds up using our little Canon, but this past weekend we borrowed a very expensive and very awesome camera from a friend. We don't do photo shoots all the time, but it's a bit of production when we do. It's usually the only reason I'll do my makeup that day. We pull out whatever appropriate backdrops, set up lights and reflectors as needed. We even have a gel. Anyway, we'll do photos until we're tired.

I love getting the dogs involved. This weekend we did two photo sessions. Saturday was spent doing photographs for my new Red Snapper postcards. I involved Felicity in this photo shoot. This was her laziest appearance on camera. I thought she was going to fall asleep. Of course, in this photo it looks like we're both yelling. (She's yawning.) He got a great picture of Piper as well, but I'll have to post that one later.

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