Friday, July 04, 2008

My First Lucha Experience

I've been so busy lately that I'm behind in my blogging! This is a new thing. (Yeah, right.)

Last week I went to my first Lucha Va Voom. My older brother and I used to wrestle when I was a kid, but it was more like him flinging around forty pounds of giggles since he is seven years older than me. Lucha Va Voom takes wrestling to a whole new level. They wear crazy costumes and have over-the-top characters. We became fans of Los Chickens and Li'l Chicken (pictured here in an incredible action photo by Bravo Foto). The wrestlers had theme music and dances. The spectacle of the wrestling part was amazing.

The other part that made this event really special was the burlesque. It's a fantastic idea to combine burlesque with wrestling. My burlesque friend, Vixen Violette, served as an escort for one of the wrestlers (in a photo by Kevin Connery that I jacked from her Myspace page, wearing a corset I'm confident she made herself). It really adds theatricality to the event when the wrestlers have an entourage. My dancetastic teacher, Lux LaCroix, rocked it as one of the burlesque cheerleaders (pictured here in another photo by Bravo Foto). There were fantastic duets and solo burlesque performances as well. These acts were nicely sandwiched between the wrestling.

I highly recommend checking this out if you get the opportunity. I'd seen nothing quite like it before in my life, but I look forward to seeing it again. There are three shows a year - February, June and October.

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