Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Comic-Con Debut

It's been a couple weeks, but I want to share my Comic-Con experience. I was super excited to get the chance to perform outside of Los Angeles. (I love L.A., but I also like the ideas of mini-tours to other towns.) The drive there wasn't terrible and we slept slumber party style in the producer's hotel room.

You may notice that I'm not as wonderfully green in this photo as I was in the Griffith Park photos. I was a better shade of green in the Los Angeles show as well. See, at the L.A. show we mixed liquid green makeup with lotion for ease in application and removal, as well as a look of authenticity based on Star Trek. For the photo shoot in Griffith Park, I had a few hours of makeup application from a professional. He applied pancake makeup with a sponge. It lasted a long while but the end of the day it was flaking off my inner elbows.

San Diego was a very different beast. You can see bald spots in the photo. I tried the same application we did for the L.A. show -- lotion and liquid makeup. I would put some on, try to apply a second coat and it would wipe it right off. I think I spent a good two plus hours enlisting the help of others to fix the coverage. I tried makeup primer and it wiped off like rubber cement from those credit card applications you get in the mail. We tried applying straight makeup and it would crust up and flake off. We wound up using gold and green eyeshadow on the bare spots. It was pretty crazy.

With all of the makeup difficulties, I had so much fun at this show. I'm eager to go back next year for Comic-Con but I'm performing something completely different. The 'Con was neat. I got some free stuff and swam through the sea of nerds in search of a Lost t-shirt. Good times.

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