Friday, August 01, 2008

Wardrobe: John Mayer Shirt #1

I decided to do a little photo essay of my John Mayer apparel. I learned long ago that musicians make more money off merchandise than ticket sales. I try to do my part by helping support what I love.

This is my very first John Mayer shirt ever. I bought it in the summer of '04. I was very interested in seeing this bloke in concert but wasn't able to make his shows at other venues until this point. It's a very simple shirt with the Heavier Things logo on the front and tour dates on the back. I didn't have a hell of a lot of money at the time so I had to chose a shirt that I'd find in a trunk in fifteen years that would remind me of that one time I saw John Mayer when I was in my twenties. I wasn't the same superfan I am today.

I bought tickets for this event months in advance through Ticketmaster. At that time I was in an acting class that was preparing a showcase. This showcase cost me and Andrew many hours of our time and about $500 each. Early in the scheduling process, we made it known that we had tickets for this show and we didn't want to miss it. Around two weeks of the JM concert, the director/acting teacher announced that there would be a rehearsal that Saturday that would go into the evening. WTF?! And it was mandatory. Double WTF?! We politely mentioned our tickets and were chewed out. The entire showcase experience wasn't stellar up to this point, so we were ready to walk and kiss the $700 or so that we'd already invested goodbye so we could go see JM live. Part of that passion came from the principle of the thing. We were totally honest with our intentions early in the process, we wrote down this as a conflict, she scheduled a rehearsal on concert day and was rabidly against us leaving the full day and night rehearsal to go to the concert. (The showcase was two weeks away and we had one scene. There were two guys who were in more scenes that showed up late/left early.)

How did it all resolve? We obviously went to the concert. We left the rehearsal as late as we could to make the drive to Irvine and still catch the concert. We were there in time to climb the mountain to our fairly crappy seats in the mezzanine (one better than lawn seats) to catch Maroon 5 as the opener. I spent the entire show marvelling at how JM could work the guitar, hoping that one day I would have one-tenth of the skill he has on guitar. I'm still waiting for that day to come. We left the acting class a month later and never looked back, and I've spent a lot more time and money enjoying JM.

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