Monday, August 04, 2008

Wardrobe: John Mayer Shirt #2

I've been told that musicians make more money off merchandise than they do off touring. After my first John Mayer concert, I wanted to show my support so I headed over to his website to see what else I could buy. Since I was still spending money on an acting class and showcase, I didn't have much in the bank to spend on JM shirts. I scanned the shirts to see what I really couldn't live without, and I found this.

The charm of this t-shirt is that it tells you exactly what it is. It's a t-shirt, size small, bar code on the front. It's heavier than the later merchandise. This is back before they started using American Apparel. It's a sturdy shirt. I think it's one he designed himself. It was also on sale. I love this shirt but I rarely wear it because it's so thick.

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