Monday, August 11, 2008

Wardrobe: John Mayer Shirt #3

I joined the John Mayer fan club (Local 83) after reading an article in a men's magazine about tickets. The seats for my first JM concert sucked a bit. We had to hike up the hill like mountain goats to have seats slightly better than the lawn. The article suggested joining the fan club of an artist you love to be sure to get good seats. I've been a member since summer of 2006.

As a fan club member, there are special deals that take place from time to time. When Continuum was released, there was a bundle available to fan club members of a special t-shirt and the CD, dropped on the day it hit stores. Only fan club members could get this shirt. I got my regular fan club package the same day. Felicity and I were both happy. She still enjoys the shirt (see photo).

This shirt is more comfortable than the first two. They just joined forces with American Apparel when the shirt was released. It feels like someone broke it in for me without leaving the wear marks. The shirt reminds me of happy times, of concert and album anticipation. I wore this shirt to the sound check (when they still had them for fans) just like the other Local 83 members. I even made a new friend.

No, I didn't get to meet John Mayer.


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