Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wardrobe: John Mayer Shirt #4

Where we last left off, I went to my second JM concert in Irvine. I was officially a fan club member. As a member, I joined about thirty other Southern California fans for the sound check. Sure, we were at the very back of the orchestra section, but we got to see JM and the band warm up. It was like a private concert.

Because I wasn't in jail--er, acting class-- and because I have a good job with a good boss, I was able to take off half the day to make the trip to Irvine with plenty of time to enjoy the sound check and have dinner before the show. We also had plenty of time to get free stuff and see Brett Dennen on the side stage before the show started.

This is my first JM hoodie. It has the hummingbird design on the breast and "John Mayer" on the sleeve. I dressed in layers that day, knowing that So Cal weather promises a warm midday and a cold night. I had shirt #3 layered with a light blue shirt, then the hoodie completed the look. I was able to afford a hoodie, which was a nice milestone in adulthood. (Some people buy houses and have babies. I bought a hoodie.) I had to retire this hoodie after wearing it every day for a year. The stains stopped washing out and the dog chewed holes in the pockets while in search of treasure. Of course, I couldn't throw it out. I still wear it to bed when it gets really cold.

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