Saturday, September 06, 2008

Je parle en peu le francais.

I hope I spelled everything correctly. I've always been very interested in French. I studied a little French as a seven year old, but we weren't given anything written to study in the advanced learning summer program I did. Also, it was only three weeks long and French only took up about one hour a day. I went to a language camp when I was 13 to make another attempt at learning French. I learned some, but camp only lasted three weeks. I went to a small high school in the South, so our only language class option was Spanish. I passed with flying colors but retained little since I never thought I'd use Spanish. (Of course, I always planned on moving to Southern California, so I don't know what I was thinking.)

When I got to college, I got my language requirement out of the way with Spanish. It was offered my first two semesters of school, and they didn't have French at community college. When I went to college proper, I enrolled in French and did very well the first semester. Sure, I was in a play and started taking literature classes and working and designing, but I got an A. I also missed a few classes and was way too competitive when we'd do oral quizzes in class. Second semester I had far too much going on so I had to drop the class. I couldn't keep up with the work. It was really sad for me because I really wanted to be fluent in French. Not that two semesters of French in college will make one fluent. Anyway, I knew enough to not be totally screwed on a college-related trip to France. Of course, French has always felt like the one that got away.

I'm back on the ol' French horse again. I can't manage the daily classes at my local community college, and the weekend community service section interferes with my dance class. Instead, I now subscribe to a French podcast. Lessons are about 12 minutes long. Right now I'm spending most of my time reviewing things I learned years ago -- letters, numbers, days of the week. But it's nice. And it's free.


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