Thursday, September 11, 2008

L.A. Greek Fest

We've passed St. Sophia Cathedral many times during our tenure in Los Angeles. We often get food from Papa Cristo's across the street. We discovered in the past few weeks that the 10th Annual Los Angeles Greek Fest would occur last weekend. Somehow we didn't notice the festival over the past few years. We made a point to hit it this year.

Admission was $5, so the price was really right for our budget. They had plenty of vendors and lots of food. We pigged out on some roasted chicken, dolmathes (rice stuffed grape leaves that I always thought looked weird but tasted pretty good), kourambiethes (butter cookies in powdered sugar), kourlourakia (crispy butter cookies) and coffee. There was also a booth with kettle corn, the snack that became dinner. We saw a silly Greek skit, some authentic Greek dancing and we toured St. Sophia. There was even the weird-looking stilt walker pictured here.

We only spent a couple hours there but had plenty of fun. I recommend it as cheap entertainment, especially if you like Greek food.


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