Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So Good

I wear very little jewelry in my daily life. I just wear what's practical. I run around so much that I don't want to snag anything or break anything. Of course, I have to wear some bling for shows. I want bling that doesn't break the bank and wouldn't be so valuable that if I lost it or it was stolen then my world would end.

My belly dance teacher first told me about So Good jewelry on Melrose in West Hollywood. We had to get silver bling as part of our troupe (even though I look better in gold). I picked up my first rhinestone gator necklace (known as the little snapper) in late 2006. I wore it from time to time when I'd perform. Then one day, I misplaced it. It's probably lost in my glovebox or something stupid like that. I found myself missing my favorite cheap bling.

I found time over the weekend to restock. Andrew went on the hunt for little snappers as I surveyed the other cheap jewelry. I got the flower earrings above (pear shaped leaves in case it's hard to see in the photo) for $6.99. They're very shiny. I also picked up three snappers for $9.99 each. If I lose one, I have a backup. That was Andrew's idea. I got some other earrings that aren't as blingy as well. They have rhinestoned hairclips, pony tail holders, toe rings, body jewelry and oodles of earrings, necklaces and bracelets. It's inexpensive enough that you can bling yourself out without breaking the bank.


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