Monday, September 29, 2008


I danced a gig last night at a pretty venue last night that's been having some problems. I have one friend who refuses to return to that venue because they turned away her husband and a guest for wearing shorts when there is no dress code (amongst other things). I have another friend who has been very successful with shows at this venue who is calling it quits there in October. The owners want the shows at their venue to go past midnight so they can make more money at the bar, and that doesn't help make producers, talent and patrons happy.

Last night's gig was five dancers who were to be sandwiched by two sets from a popular rockabilly band. The attendance was very light, mostly burlesque show regulars with a couple faces I didn't recognize. Of course, these things happen from time to time so I still danced my butt off during my number. I think the producer knows that we need more promotion for the next gig because our combined efforts didn't bring in the crowd she anticipated.

But that wasn't the uncool part. No, we had patrons who paid to get in and a musical guest who was going to join the band in the second set while we dancers shook it on the dance floor. The uncool part was when they told the producer that the band couldn't take the stage again because they weren't making enough bar sales. They didn't wait until the gig was over to tell her to beef up the promotion or to not come back or whatever. They decided to do it while the other dancers were performing so that there was the awkward announcement of the band's next set and the correction that there would be no next set. We were going to be there for perhaps another hour, and they canceled the gig. I didn't mind getting to bed before 1 AM, but what they did to the producer was incredibly tacky.


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