Thursday, October 30, 2008

Funny Story

Last night I danced a gig that I booked through one of my dance idols. Great pay, great club, great fun. The most amusing thing about the evening is that I heard from several people after the burlesque set was over that there was one audience member over by the bar that hopped onto his motorcycle and split when the dancers were done. You know who that was?


Monday, October 27, 2008

"Sassy and Robust"

Our first Pin-Up Girls review is up. It's a decent review, but I think the reviewer did miss a few things about the play. Or maybe he doesn't get women. Either way, my work has been called "sassy and robust."

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Running For Office

I threw my hat in the ring for the Viva Las Vegas 2009 competition.

This is the photo taken by Chris Beyond. My poster is designed by Bunny Bravo. I entered yesterday and have "Team Snapper" pushing for the finals. If I win (make top six) in a popularity contest (one vote per IP address) in January, I get to dance in Vegas in the spring and compete for the title and some moolah. You can go check out my entry if you want. Be prepared for campaigning in December and January.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Wardrobe: Not My John Mayer Hoodie (But It Should Be!)

When we saw John Mayer play in Irvine a couple months ago, I offered to buy Andrew a hoodie. He's now the proud owner of this delicious polycotton beast -- his first John Mayer hoodie.

About two weeks ago I found myself very cold when we were about to head out the door for rehearsal. I walked through his closet (bad home design) and passed this warm-looking pullover. I snatched it, put it on and proclaimed how much it felt like a hug. (It really does feel like a hug.) The kangaroo pocket was perfect for my lip balm.

I hear it calling my name from the living room.

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Glamorous Hair

Our costume designer sent out links a few months ago for You Tube videos on quick vintage hairstyles. Since I have a new classical number ("Dance of the Reed Flutes" from Fantasia), I thought I'd try out new, fabulous hair. Of course, you don't get the full fabulous effect since I am wearing a green hoodie in the photos.

This hairstyle was surprisingly easy to do. It required a couple of hair rats (spongy things that are like rollers to give bulk in hairstyles where there wasn't bulk naturally) and some bobby pins.

First, I sectioned off the front clump of hair that I was going to put up. I put the rest of my hair in hot rollers so it would be curly in the back.

I parted the hair to put up in rats. The most challenging part is rolling the hair (like on a hot roller) at the perfect angle so it sits correctly on the head. I shoved about three bobby pins through my rolled hair and the rats to hold each roll in place. These rolls survived an evening of dancing, so it was pretty sturdy.

I sprayed everything and removed the hot rollers. I put a fabulous flower clip in the back, and voila! The hair rolls don't take long at all. Go try it. If you can't find hair rats, grab some sponge rollers and be sure to fiddle with your hair so it covers the sponge completely.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wardrobe: John Mayer Shirt #8

I got this shirt at the Hollywood Bowl show. I had a crappy day on the day of the show, but the show was fantastic. We had great seats and we were able to do plenty of celebrity-watching from where we were.

I'm going to compare apples to apples here. While I enjoyed the Bowl show, I liked the Memphis show better. The Bowl show felt very Hollywood. (Of course, it was in Hollywood.) Not as laid back and groovy but still a good show.

When I hit the merch booth at this show, I wound up making purchases for other people in the throng since the booth workers were inattentive and easily confused. It was time for a new hoodie and I had my eyes on a navy one that I saw on the website, but they only had black. Instead, I picked up this girly shirt. It has wonderful paisleys like the Hendrix Monterey Pop guitar JM plays. (That's the guitar I'd trade my small sister for.)

I don't know who manufactured this shirt because it's stamped "Official John Mayer Tour Merchandise" where the tag would be. It's a very thin (practically sheer) cotton shirt. There's a dark blue one that has long sleeves available online that I may have to add to my collection since this shirt is so awesome.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

There Are No Cats in Pamerica!

This is a potpourri update. I've been so active (sort of) that I wanted to give a smorgasbord update.

Last weekend we had our incredible Pin-Up Girls publicity shoot with burlesque photographer and buddy Chris Beyond. It was a great experience. Here's one teaser photo for you to enjoy.

Sunday was spent in class working on a huge group burlesque number to be performed tonight. I also had a show that evening so I spent the afternoon working on lines and finishing my costume for the next evening's show.

Monday I felt like crap all day. I think I had the stomach flu hovering around and ready to pounce. I performed anyway, and I still had a touch of it for the next two days. Finally feeling better Wednesday night, I went to rehearsal and a viral video shoot for the play. Of course, my co-star was wearing lots of wool and I wound up inhaling plenty of wool fibers. Wool is my mortal enemy. Thursday and Friday were spent with tissues and homeopathic allergy medicine, still working and rehearsing. Friday night I felt so much better and rehearsal went really well. Saturday brought us one more viral shoot after shopping with another one of my co-stars. There were cats.

I realized several months ago that I started getting sniffles about an hour after being in the home of someone with one cat. After two hours, my eyes would get watery. Two and a half hours would lead to difficulty breathing. Three hours and my eyes would start to swell shut. It took several encounters with cats for me to realize that they were the cause of my allergy attacks. I didn't pet the cats once I figured it out. The more cats present, the more rapidly I became a zombie.

An hour and a half and three cats later, I felt like death. I really do like cats, but I can't be around them. So I'm home this morning, missing dance class and resting so I can perform in the recital this evening. I have rehearsals this week so I have to get back to battery and quick. In addition, I'm on my diet so I can't consume the comfort foods I'd love to help me get through my yuckies (mashed potatoes, spaghetti, chocolate cake). I find myself at the computer eating my morning allocation of saltines while drinking black (yes, black) coffee. I've also been prescribed a heavy dose of no more cats by Andrew. Good call.

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Behind the Scenes

We did a huge photoshoot on Saturday for the play. You see, instead of regular headshot photos in the lobby, we're going to post pin-up photos of the dancers and vintage-type shots of the rest of the cast. There was a lot of preparation to do this thing and we spent six hours just taking photos.

Here are a couple behind the scenes photos from the shoot. The first shot is my breakfast being consumed just after my first round of photos. The second shot is me taking an all-important phone call from Andrew about lunchmeat.

Don't you feel like you were there?


Monday, October 06, 2008


I was jamming to vintage John Mayer (Room For Squares) when "St. Patrick's Day" came on. There are certain movies, songs and little life events that make me feel very fulfilled. This song makes that list.

This wasn't always my favorite song from this album. It all clicked for me when I took my small sister to see John Mayer in Fayetteville. We drove four hours through ice and snow to get there, me wearing the warmest clothes I still had in my Southern California wardrobe. We couldn't take the usual highways I would drive to get there because of the ice and snow, and we slid on black ice on a bridge on our drive back to her house around 3 am after the show. I had just removed my pants at the show to take off my long johns because I dance around a lot and get sweaty. (I did put my pants back on, by the way.) Ol' JM did a few songs solo and this was one of them. He acknowledged the crowd for fighting the ice and snow to come out for his show then launched into the song. I'd never appreciated it as much before that moment. The song is about a very sweet courtship, and it reminds me of my own courtship from a February many moons before. That song makes me full every time I hear it.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wardrobe: John Mayer Shirt #7

I do so love my John Mayer shirts. In fact, I'm wearing one while I type. (I don't think a day passes when I don't wear a JM hoodie or tee at some point.)

This is the presale shirt for the 2007 summer tour. I bought it as a fan club member at a discount when I dropped a chunk of change on my tickets to see JM at the Hollywood Bowl. It's always frustrating trying to get tickets in the presale because they release random numbers of tickets at random points throughout the day. I was ready to drop cha-ching on orchestra seats as soon as the presale began. I wound up in one of the boxes just behind the orchestra level. I could stare at the backs of the heads of celebrities but I couldn't rub elbows with them or catch the sweat of the band on my clothes like oh so many general admission concerts I attended as a young lady.

This is another American Apparel shirt. The JM presale shirts were still unisex at this point, so I fill out my mens small rather well. It has tour dates on the back. I think I wear this shirt every other week because it's comfortable, cool yet sturdy.

Concert days are like holidays for me. The day of the Hollywood Bowl show was going to be another one of those days, even though I didn't have to drive two hours down and two hours back as I have for Irvine shows (with traffic) to use up more of the day. I was going to take a burlesque class from a teacher in North Hollywood, but when Andrew dropped me off, I found out from the front desk that she wasn't there. I waited for a half hour (I was the conventional 15 minutes early for the dance class) and she didn't show. I asked the desk again and they said she wasn't there. With no phone number for the teacher, I started hiking to the coffee shop where Andrew was hanging out. That's when I was cussed out and harassed by some crazy street ho that was imagining I was speaking to her when I wasn't speaking at all. That was pretty effed up. Of course, things improved. I saw JM perform that night.