Monday, October 06, 2008


I was jamming to vintage John Mayer (Room For Squares) when "St. Patrick's Day" came on. There are certain movies, songs and little life events that make me feel very fulfilled. This song makes that list.

This wasn't always my favorite song from this album. It all clicked for me when I took my small sister to see John Mayer in Fayetteville. We drove four hours through ice and snow to get there, me wearing the warmest clothes I still had in my Southern California wardrobe. We couldn't take the usual highways I would drive to get there because of the ice and snow, and we slid on black ice on a bridge on our drive back to her house around 3 am after the show. I had just removed my pants at the show to take off my long johns because I dance around a lot and get sweaty. (I did put my pants back on, by the way.) Ol' JM did a few songs solo and this was one of them. He acknowledged the crowd for fighting the ice and snow to come out for his show then launched into the song. I'd never appreciated it as much before that moment. The song is about a very sweet courtship, and it reminds me of my own courtship from a February many moons before. That song makes me full every time I hear it.

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