Monday, October 20, 2008

Glamorous Hair

Our costume designer sent out links a few months ago for You Tube videos on quick vintage hairstyles. Since I have a new classical number ("Dance of the Reed Flutes" from Fantasia), I thought I'd try out new, fabulous hair. Of course, you don't get the full fabulous effect since I am wearing a green hoodie in the photos.

This hairstyle was surprisingly easy to do. It required a couple of hair rats (spongy things that are like rollers to give bulk in hairstyles where there wasn't bulk naturally) and some bobby pins.

First, I sectioned off the front clump of hair that I was going to put up. I put the rest of my hair in hot rollers so it would be curly in the back.

I parted the hair to put up in rats. The most challenging part is rolling the hair (like on a hot roller) at the perfect angle so it sits correctly on the head. I shoved about three bobby pins through my rolled hair and the rats to hold each roll in place. These rolls survived an evening of dancing, so it was pretty sturdy.

I sprayed everything and removed the hot rollers. I put a fabulous flower clip in the back, and voila! The hair rolls don't take long at all. Go try it. If you can't find hair rats, grab some sponge rollers and be sure to fiddle with your hair so it covers the sponge completely.


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