Sunday, October 12, 2008

There Are No Cats in Pamerica!

This is a potpourri update. I've been so active (sort of) that I wanted to give a smorgasbord update.

Last weekend we had our incredible Pin-Up Girls publicity shoot with burlesque photographer and buddy Chris Beyond. It was a great experience. Here's one teaser photo for you to enjoy.

Sunday was spent in class working on a huge group burlesque number to be performed tonight. I also had a show that evening so I spent the afternoon working on lines and finishing my costume for the next evening's show.

Monday I felt like crap all day. I think I had the stomach flu hovering around and ready to pounce. I performed anyway, and I still had a touch of it for the next two days. Finally feeling better Wednesday night, I went to rehearsal and a viral video shoot for the play. Of course, my co-star was wearing lots of wool and I wound up inhaling plenty of wool fibers. Wool is my mortal enemy. Thursday and Friday were spent with tissues and homeopathic allergy medicine, still working and rehearsing. Friday night I felt so much better and rehearsal went really well. Saturday brought us one more viral shoot after shopping with another one of my co-stars. There were cats.

I realized several months ago that I started getting sniffles about an hour after being in the home of someone with one cat. After two hours, my eyes would get watery. Two and a half hours would lead to difficulty breathing. Three hours and my eyes would start to swell shut. It took several encounters with cats for me to realize that they were the cause of my allergy attacks. I didn't pet the cats once I figured it out. The more cats present, the more rapidly I became a zombie.

An hour and a half and three cats later, I felt like death. I really do like cats, but I can't be around them. So I'm home this morning, missing dance class and resting so I can perform in the recital this evening. I have rehearsals this week so I have to get back to battery and quick. In addition, I'm on my diet so I can't consume the comfort foods I'd love to help me get through my yuckies (mashed potatoes, spaghetti, chocolate cake). I find myself at the computer eating my morning allocation of saltines while drinking black (yes, black) coffee. I've also been prescribed a heavy dose of no more cats by Andrew. Good call.

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