Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wardrobe: John Mayer Shirt #7

I do so love my John Mayer shirts. In fact, I'm wearing one while I type. (I don't think a day passes when I don't wear a JM hoodie or tee at some point.)

This is the presale shirt for the 2007 summer tour. I bought it as a fan club member at a discount when I dropped a chunk of change on my tickets to see JM at the Hollywood Bowl. It's always frustrating trying to get tickets in the presale because they release random numbers of tickets at random points throughout the day. I was ready to drop cha-ching on orchestra seats as soon as the presale began. I wound up in one of the boxes just behind the orchestra level. I could stare at the backs of the heads of celebrities but I couldn't rub elbows with them or catch the sweat of the band on my clothes like oh so many general admission concerts I attended as a young lady.

This is another American Apparel shirt. The JM presale shirts were still unisex at this point, so I fill out my mens small rather well. It has tour dates on the back. I think I wear this shirt every other week because it's comfortable, cool yet sturdy.

Concert days are like holidays for me. The day of the Hollywood Bowl show was going to be another one of those days, even though I didn't have to drive two hours down and two hours back as I have for Irvine shows (with traffic) to use up more of the day. I was going to take a burlesque class from a teacher in North Hollywood, but when Andrew dropped me off, I found out from the front desk that she wasn't there. I waited for a half hour (I was the conventional 15 minutes early for the dance class) and she didn't show. I asked the desk again and they said she wasn't there. With no phone number for the teacher, I started hiking to the coffee shop where Andrew was hanging out. That's when I was cussed out and harassed by some crazy street ho that was imagining I was speaking to her when I wasn't speaking at all. That was pretty effed up. Of course, things improved. I saw JM perform that night.


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