Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wardrobe: John Mayer Shirt #8

I got this shirt at the Hollywood Bowl show. I had a crappy day on the day of the show, but the show was fantastic. We had great seats and we were able to do plenty of celebrity-watching from where we were.

I'm going to compare apples to apples here. While I enjoyed the Bowl show, I liked the Memphis show better. The Bowl show felt very Hollywood. (Of course, it was in Hollywood.) Not as laid back and groovy but still a good show.

When I hit the merch booth at this show, I wound up making purchases for other people in the throng since the booth workers were inattentive and easily confused. It was time for a new hoodie and I had my eyes on a navy one that I saw on the website, but they only had black. Instead, I picked up this girly shirt. It has wonderful paisleys like the Hendrix Monterey Pop guitar JM plays. (That's the guitar I'd trade my small sister for.)

I don't know who manufactured this shirt because it's stamped "Official John Mayer Tour Merchandise" where the tag would be. It's a very thin (practically sheer) cotton shirt. There's a dark blue one that has long sleeves available online that I may have to add to my collection since this shirt is so awesome.

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