Friday, November 14, 2008

Buy This Movie!

Last Wednesday we had the honor of attending a screening of Underbelly, a documentary following a year in the life of Princess Farhana. My belly dance teacher, Jamilla, studied with Farhana. I've also taken some special workshops with Farhana and I have a number of her videos for home study. She's an amazing teacher and an incredible dancer.

She's also very active in the burlesque circuit so I've had the opporunity to spend some time with her. It's always a delight seeing her perform. Getting to know her offstage is a blast. Her experiences are so varied and off the wall that I'm constantly amazed that she makes it through them.

In the film, as in life, she's very candid, warm and generous. She talks so openly about personal stuff and her dance life that I recommend this to any and every person who has ever wanted to dance. She's absolutely inspiring. I got teary a few times during the film because she talked about things that I felt in my own life. BUY this film. Don't bother renting it because you'll want to watch it over and over.

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