Saturday, November 01, 2008

Double Booking

For Halloween, I accepted a challenge that other performers that I respect have undertaken: the double booking. I did our play in North Hollywood before hauling ass to Highland Park for a burlesque gig. The producer knew I'd arrive after my show let out. I raked the 1940s curls out of my hair and wrestled the snarls into a braid. With the car jam-packed with costumes and props, we rushed across town. I arrived later than I expected to find out we were a good 45 minutes from my first number. I hate being tardy so I was happy they started the show late.

My first number wasn't as tight as usual. I tried stashing my knife in my costume as I did successfully Wednesday night. Of course, I was wearing the wrong undergarments to make that work well. Oops. I had to go fishing for my knife while I was performing. Not very attractive. I also lost my costume bra between Wednesday and Friday. Maybe it was in Venice, maybe it was on my dresser. It definitely was not on me. I wound up wearing the bra I always wear to shows, the inside covered in dried spirit gum and glitter, the outside boring and blue.

I'd come down from my show high by the second number. The bands would take down their stuff and set up their stuff before our sets, and the band before our last set was pushy and prickish. They did an entire sound check before we were able to finish. It was close to 12:45 am before I got on stage. It wasn't a regular burlesque crowd. They didn't really hoot and holler. Some of the audience members were getting surly and hollered out some rude things between burlesque numbers because they wanted to see the next band.

It was a very interesting experience. I wasn't a big fan of the crowd. Andrew went out to our car to retrieve and put away props a number of times, and he always found loadies leaning on our car (WTF?) getting high. I don't know what about my four-door car speaks like Towelie to these jokers. In fact, people were leaning on our car when we hopped in to leave. One guy said he was sorry, but then he went back to leaning on the car so how sorry was he really? The loadies put a bottle under our tire so when we backed up, it exploded into glass powder. They seemed surprised. Guess they forgot they put it under the tire. They were still practically leaning on the car when we backed out, so I wouldn't be surprised if they had glass powder all over their pants.

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