Friday, November 14, 2008

Extra! Extra!

I've been in the paper a few times. My parents and grandparents were in the habit of clipping newspapers when I was a child. I was a newspaper regular for honor roll except for a short stint in eighth grade when my parents were divorcing the first time. I also made the local paper for doing a television segment, Gifted/Talented program activities, Young Authors Conference, Beta Club, and maybe even Future Business Leaders of America. My photo rarely made the paper, but when it did they tended to use the worst pictures ever. I had one good photo in the local paper, and that's from the play I did with Andrew before we were married.

In college, I made the paper a couple times. My college always sent press releases to my hometown newspaper when I was in a play. Again, when they printed photos they were terrible. The blurbs said a little less about me than an obituary would have. I also made the paper for an act of vandalism on my college campus that I allegedly did, and another time for an act of vandalism/prankstering that I allegedly masterminded. Of course, my name didn't make the paper for those since they were alleged.

Most of the plays I've done in Los Angeles haven't gotten much press. Last year we got press to see Midsummer, but I didn't get any personal blurbs I could use for promotion. I think I had six lines total in the play and I was painted to look like a bird. What kind of blurb could I get for that? Pin-Up Girls has been way different. I've gotten blurbs I can use to promote myself from all four publications that reviewed the show. (Of course, I wish everyone in the show had such cool blurbs because they really give great performances. I guess we all get our time to shine, and seven years in Los Angeles has finally gotten me some blurbage.)

The Tolucan Times said "Acting is uniformly excellent, with outstanding work by Moore, Caskey, and Burns. Moore goes full throttle as the hard charging yet emotional Helen." That was pretty exciting for my first review out here.

Then L.A. Weekly said "...Helen (Moore, in a robust and sassy performance)." I'm robust and sassy! It's in print. (L.A. Weekly is a larger publication than the Tolucan, so this was pretty exciting.)

Of course, the L.A. Times had to top that with this: "As Helen, the most fiercely independent of the bunch, Pamela Moore parlays experience in both theater and burlesque choreography into a thoroughly convincing portrait of hardhearted survival." Dude! I was in the L.A. Times! How crazy is that?

And then it happened. I made Backstage West. Backstage West was one of the few things I made a point to consistently afford when I moved to Los Angeles (along with dog food and toilet paper). Backstage West was the place to look for acting work as an actor before the internet exploded. I got a blurb in Backstage West. Hell, I have a damn hyperlink on their website now. They said "The most pointed and effective humor comes from Helen, who readily has a tart riposte, as when she complains she was "raised by saints who wouldn't let me drink." And Pamela Moore has the most dimensional character and makes the most of it, with a touching ambivalence about giving up her freedom for a life of domesticity she clearly does not want." Holy cow!

So I'm pretty excited about the press I've gotten. I didn't put the clippings on my refrigerator, but I did send out postcards with the first three blurbs and I took a photo of myself with BSW. Of course, I couldn't have done it without Andrew and the amazing team we've had for this show.

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