Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Love Flowers

When I was in college, I got flowers all the time when I did a show. Okay, maybe it wasn't all the time but it felt like all the time. Andrew would get me flowers at least one night of the run and my in-laws would bring flowers when they'd come to see the show. It's too far for my in-laws to travel for my plays, and Andrew tries not to give me special treatment when I'm in one of his shows.

Of course, he still got me flowers. The lovely red roses in the photo are still intact in my living room. He got them for me closing night. Very sweet, very classy. The last night of the show was a little dramatic (after the show), so the flowers were very comforting. And all I got him was a DVD and some beer.

The tulips were from one of my dancers. I've worked with Lauren on three projects now, and I absolutely adore her. She seems very reserved but she's quite a performer. I'm trying to rope her further into the world of burlesque because I know she enjoys it. Little did she know, tulips are amongst my favorite flowers. We had red and yellow tulips in our yard in Wisconsin when I was a kid. The tulips are still thriving in my kitchen.


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