Friday, November 28, 2008


Our first theatre production this year was a collection of one-acts. We pulled wardrobe from the actors' closets with the exception of the Liberace jacket and pants. We had no costume budget for that show. Our second and third productions had wardrobe with costume budgets. We weren't exactly sure what our budgets had paid for, so we did an inventory Wednesday night.

Doing inventory usually isn't fun, so we had to make it fun. We stuffed ourselves with Pick-Up Stix and took turns trying on costume pieces and taking photos. Some of the stuff was nothing more than set dressing and had never seen the stage on an actor's body. Some of the stuff was so god awful or strange that we couldn't see the point in storing it. We packed up four boxes of useful stuff by the end of the night. We burned all the photos to CD so we could easily see what was in our inventory instead of relying on memory.

Who wouldn't want to be part of a theatre company like this?

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