Friday, November 21, 2008

The Last Stretch

(Another incredible photo by Chris Beyond.)

This is our last weekend of Pin-Up Girls. I knew it was coming all along. Hell, I knew this would be the last weekend since March. Of course, I wasn't sure exactly what it would be like to be in the final weekend for this show.

I've been in other plays that I felt should've ended sooner. That's not polite to say. There wasn't the audience I thought the show deserved, the actors weren't as happy to be there, the energy of the show was waning. This isn't that show. I could happily see the actors and our crew every day for the next month, putting up the show every night. The audiences have generally been great and we're still packing them in. Even when the cast's energy has been strange, the show has still been good. If we didn't have Thanksgiving next weekend and John Mayer tickets the following weekend, I'd be happy to extend.

This show hasn't been as troubling to produce as Torrid Affaire. The Theatre Unleashed team has fully supported us on this venture. We've gotten good press and attention, and we have people looking forward to our sophomore year as a company. Our crew has been wonderful. Our design team has worked really hard to create the perfect backstage environment on stage. We've been blessed to have great photographers document the show and help us with promotion. We even have beautiful hand-drawn artwork for promotion.

There are lessons I've learned with this show, but having a good team helps ease the pain of those lessons. I'm very grateful for all of the help and support we've gotten for this show. And after the show tonight, we're partying in Silverlake.

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