Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mein Pub

For years, Andrew and I drove past Red Lion Tavern in Silverlake. We were always curious about this little place nestled in a hill. We finally stopped there on July 4th and discovered incredible German food and beer. I have some German in my bloodline so it's in my nature to like German food. Andrew is well educated so he likes the beer. Our first trip there was during the day. It was quiet and the service was terrible, which was surprising because there was one other table occupied in the dining room. I took this photo of Andrew with my camera phone that day. We returned the day before our big photo shoot since I was starting a diet the following week. Again, it was quiet and the service was terrible even though no one was really there. The food was great and the beer was fantastic.

As one of our many group celebrations during Pin-Up Girls, we hit the tavern with the cast, crew and other members of Theatre Unleashed. This was after the Friday night show of closing weekend. I don't usually drink, but I had a radler and drank friends' random beers until well after midnight. The place was jam packed, and at one point they weren't letting anyone else in until people left. We pigged out before drinking so we wouldn't be sloppy drunks. The service was better, which was funny since we only saw three or four barmaids serving the entire restaurant downstairs. We had so much fun that we can't wait to go back. I think next time we're just going to take a cab there and home since that German beer is pretty strong.

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