Monday, November 10, 2008

Wardrobe: John Mayer Scarves #1 & #2

I decided to post these together. I saw the light blue scarf in Fayetteville but I didn't have the money to get one for myself. I knew a check would be deposited into my bank account the following day, but the four hour drive through ice and snow to get home had me concerned about having emergency funds as necessary. Instead, I bought the light blue scarf at the show for my small sister. She needed something to commemorate her first JM concert and it was only $10 or $15. I figured they'd have the light blue ones in Memphis the next night so I could get one to take home.

When we got to Memphis and I actually had the cabbage to blow at the merch booth, there were only green scarves. I like green, but I wanted a blue scarf. I went home with only a raglan for me, a t-shirt for Andrew and a t-shirt for my dad.

Last summer, they put the winter merch on the website so I picked up an orange scarf and the blue scarf when I ordered my Local 83 tee. They're both long American Apparel scarves. In fact, one could turn a scarf into a halter top but would lose the logos in the process. I tend to throw one of these on when it's chilly.


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