Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Get the Net!

I had a gig last week that was supposed to be outdoors. The stage was set up so we'd be facing a major street when we danced. There are decency laws in Los Angeles and while it would be artistic, I didn't want the law to be interpreted in such a way that I would be labeled a sex pervert by the law. Instead, I made a net bra to wear.

The net bra is nothing special. It's a stretchy, sheer cup with elastic to tie it at the neck or in the back. The cups are triangles that are rounded at the bottom. I zig-zag stitched the sides of the fabric so they wouldn't fray and made a channel at the bottom for elastic. If you futz with it a little, you can turn it into a front closure. I also made net bras for the Theatre Unleashed dancers since I'd gotten a message for them to be less risque at a gig they did last night.

I was advised to attach my pasties with tassels to the outside of the cups, but stitching them on was an absolute nightmare. Instead, I put my pasties on as usual. I removed the tassels since they're on fishing spinners, cut a tiny hole in the net to poke the spinners through and reattached the tassels. It worked fantastically. I still need to treat the hole with clear nail polish so it doesn't fray. The Theatre Unleashed dancers wore them last night and said they worked perfectly.

Funny part of the story is that we were moved inside Saturday night. I didn't even need the net bra. It was just more hassle to remove it than to just leave it on.

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