Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not Something I Do Often

I picked up our holiday cards this morning and drove past Krispy Kreme. I was going to hit the drive through for a donut or two and a beverage. I drove in the wrong hole and wound up in the parking lot.

I discovered inside that they have mini donuts. One or two of those would be plenty for me. I get up to the counter and discover that you have to order them in boxes of twenty. Fine. I'll take them to the office and share with whoever may decide to stumble in today. I asked for six glazed, six chocolate iced, six sugar and two white iced with sprinkles. You see what I got. (I ate a chocolate iced and glazed in the car.)

I'll probably wind up taking most of them home for Andrew and the dogs. I really wish she hadn't given me the chocolate iced with sprinkles instead of the sugar donuts I ordered. They had the sugar donuts so what was the damn problem? The dogs can't eat all those chocolate iced with sprinkles.

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