Monday, December 08, 2008

Oooo That Smell

I have a confession to make that I probably made before. Unless I get really disgusting, I don't take a shower between a late night show and early morning work. I leave the hairspray in, the body glitter on, and I usually have some leftover eyeliner I try to neaten up for the work day. Last night wasn't an especially disgusting show for me.

Let me back up. (You're learning a lot about me if you didn't know it already.) I hate to shave my armpits two days in a row. There's not enough stubble to really get a clean shave the second day. I wind up with armpits that look like ground beef in places. Yuck. (Andrew assures me this is why men hate shaving every day.) I shaved my pits around 5 pm Saturday before heading out to the John Mayer concert. I showered on Sunday but didn't shave my pits. I knew I was performing around 11 pm, but I figured the 30 hour stubble wouldn't be too horrible. I put on my deodorant and left for my show last night.

When I got to the venue, I was a little worried that my fresh prickle would show. I put on some natural deodorant that doesn't really work as a deodorant at all but more as a waxy coating for my pits. Then I applied translucent powder over the deodorant. I put on some other deodorant at home (all natural stuff that works well for me) so I wasn't worried about smell. My pits felt waxy all night but I wasn't too worried about it. I got home and used baby wipes to remove the glitter and powder/deodorant combination then crawled into bed around 2 am.

I put on the usual deodorant that actually works before heading to the office today. Everything was great until about a half hour ago. I smelled chili dogs and no one was in the office. Yuck. My pits felt waxy. That stupid deodorant from last night is like anti-deodorant (or 'odorant'). It counteracts the positive effect that the other stuff has. I find myself in the office, stinking up the place, with no deodorant in my desk drawer. I search the office and find some cucumber scented antibacterial hand gel. You'd be surprised at how well that stuff works! I figure I should carry some around for those venues that don't have hand soap or for days like this. I should also throw out the emergency 'odorant.' Ick.


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