Saturday, December 06, 2008

Wardrobe: John Mayer Shirt #10

I love and hate presales with the John Mayer fan club. I hate that they don't release all the seats they have at the same time, so there may be no tickets available at 10:02 am right after the presale starts but then someone gets pit tickets twenty minutes later. I hate their system. I love that I can sit near fellow fans. I also love the presale merchandise. You can't get these shirts at the actual shows. You can also spot other members of Local 83 because they're wearing the presale shirts.

This was for my third JM concert in Irvine. I like the shirt but I expected it in the lighter blue that was shown on the website for the presale. The "John Mayer" on the front in blue is hard to read on a navy shirt. It's organic cotton and very comfortable. I got Andrew his own in the presale so we could be twins at the show. This is the second presale shirt I got for him and I think it's the second matching shirt.

I effing loved this concert. This was the one with "Panama" and "Crossroads" and a couple new songs. Of course, this was the one where I decided not to take my digital recorder like a dumbass.

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