Monday, December 08, 2008

Wardrobe: John Mayer Shirt #13

This is my third hoodie. I got this in Irvine as well. I've worn this hoodie almost every day since I bought it. It's very comfortable - made from organic cotton. The drawback with this hoodie is that the fabric isn't as tightly woven as it is on the other hoodies so it gets thread snags. It doesn't stop me from wearing it, even if it's the only thing I wear. I think this is the one I wore as a costume substitute during Pin-Up Girls rehearsals.

I have to confess, I feel like a grown up when I drop over $100 at the merch booth. I do. I find things I want, I know I'll make the money to refill my bank account with what I've spent, and I buy those things. I could only get one shirt at my first John Mayer concert. Heck, we couldn't even afford for me to have a t-shirt at my first concert ever. It's awesome getting what I want.

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