Thursday, January 15, 2009

Acting Class ... Of Sorts

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of taking a class on creating a larger than life burlesque persona from Tigger! of New York. Tigger! is the kind of performer you hear about through the grapevine for his full commitment to his work and wild stage antics. The grapevine builds him up to be fun, intimidating, frightening, exciting and very charismatic. This was a class not to be missed.

Tigger! comes from a theatre background. He's all about totally commiting to a role and playing once you're there. I dig that about him. The class entailed lots of advice for burlesque performers in creating a character, and all of it was relevant for actors. It was incredible.

I try to commit myself fully to every role I play. I figure that's what got me accolades as Helen in Pin-Up Girls. I also try to bring that to my burlesque shows. I like to think it made me a good Alex in A Clockwork Orange for "Kubrilesque," and that it worked when I played Goldie Hawn at Monday night's "Laugh-In" show. I think that full commitment is more entertaining for the audience, and they're the ones that paid to see me on stage.

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