Monday, January 05, 2009

Funny & Cute

We'll start with funny. Last night was a great show. I danced, Andrew and Phil performed, we had an incredible audience and got paid nicely. My friend Scarlett gave me a gift that went along with the act I was performing that night. Part of the gift included body jewels that I promptly used to encircle my navel ring. It was a wild and crazy night that got me home from the gig close to 2 AM and in bed around 3 AM.

Halfway through my day at work, my belly button was itching uncontrollably. I lifted my shirt to find this:

Now we'll cover cute. We made 36 crocodiles for the number I did two weeks ago. We gave 35 away to the audience and sent one to my nephew. He's been at his dad's house for the past couple weeks. He arrived home today to his little snapper. Isn't he cute? And note that his little snapper is chomping on the Snapper postcard.

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