Saturday, January 03, 2009

Little Miss Seamstress

A costume designer bad mouthed me on the internet in the past year, most of the complaint being that I was impossible to fit and impossible to satisfy. Reader, by now you know that I'm pretty laid back. My motto is "Why borrow trouble?" and I really try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, it was said that my body was oddly proportioned and that I couldn't fit anything. It was said that costumes could not be built for me because I was so oddly proportioned. This costume designer spent many hours trying to create the perfect mock-up of a vintage bra and panty set for me and later scrapped it because of her own dissatisfaction with the outcome.

The internet blasts and bad mouthing were accepted as more of a challenge than anything for me. Having made many of my own costumes last year, I decided to buy some vintage patterns and see if I could make a vintage bra and panty set for myself. How impossible to fit am I really?

I got a 1945 replica size 16 pattern for the bra and panty. (Mega thanks to Amy for hunting it down for me.) I knew part of it would be too big and I don't have a dress form yet, so I'd have to do alterations on the fly. The pattern came with instructions to make a mock-up first since the original pattern may have been altered. This mock-up took me about five hours to cut, stitch, finish and alter. It was a pretty simple pattern. I know that when I make the next one it'll be much faster.

Lesson: I'm not that impossible to fit. Also, I am awesome! (Felicity likes the puppy print fabric.)

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