Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Celebration: Day Five

I always love performing in a new venue. It's nice having places that feel like a second home, but I do like the challenge of a new space. It keeps my dancing fresh. We took Victory Variety Hour to Tarzana, a totally new city and venue for us.

The nice thing about pioneering is that you get more freedom as a result. Our regular Hollywood crowd wasn't at this gig, so there was room to explore since the locals didn't have expectations. I did my sperm number so there's not a lot of room for exploration with that, but I did frolic through the audience, something that's not possible at the other venues.

I also got another little birthday party. Yay! The burlesque community is exactly as presented in Minsky's - warm, loving and tight. I've gotten so much birthday love from these folks, including a photo shoot from Crazy White Lady Photography. How cool is that?

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