Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Birthday Celebration: Day One

My birthday was this past Saturday, but I've been gluttonous and am celebrating as much as I can. I kicked off day one of my birthday celebration by hitting MAC in Hollywood. I just stopped to drop off an application for a pro card (meaning discounts on makeup since I'm a performer) and to get some mascara. I left with a new foundation and correction creme that are gel based and some flashy pigment for my eyes. I also stopped at Frederick's to pick up a pair of panties for a possible photo shoot on my birthday. (Same style as the photo but with a crotch.) The panties were too sheer for the photo shoot so I blew a wad of money on other stuff. Yay for me.

That evening we had tickets to Minsky's, a brand new musical. Because of our involvement in the burlesque community, we were able to see a preview of the show a week before and were able to get tickets to opening night. This show is an absolute delight and I would gladly watch it again and again. The music is catchy, the performances are incredible and the costumes are out of this world. We crashed the reception after the show for free cookies and crab cakes. I also almost ran into Noel from "Felicity" in the lobby after the show. It was a great time.


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