Monday, February 23, 2009

How I Get By

This is another behind the scenes photo from the calendar shoot on Saturday. I had so much fun shooting for the L.A. Burlesque calendar because everyone attached is a good time. Azul shot the behind the scenes photos I'll be sharing with you. (I hope this builds up plenty of excitement for you, dear reader, so you get your copy of the calendar as soon as it drops!)

The glamor girl lifestyle would be absolutely impossible for me without Andrew. He hauls things to and from venues for me, drives when I sometimes konk out on the way home, hot glues things together when I run out of time. He edits music, makes props, and even performs. And Saturday he was a champ. He hauled my case of crap like a dutiful mountain goat to the first location. He handled my flyaway hairs. He adjusted my fans. All this just because he's a good person. How cool is that?

I think this photo really gives you a glimpse into the personal life of the Snappers.

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