Sunday, February 15, 2009

"If just one person believes in you ..."

This is the way one of my favorite songs from "The Muppet Show" starts.

I had so many people throw their weight behind me for the Viva Las Vegas semi-finals. Even though I didn't get in (thankfully, since it's been drama ridden this year), I appreciate each and every vote. As I mentioned in my earlier post today, competitions can legitimize a performer.

I'm proud to announce that I've been accepted to perform in the Main Event at the Boston Burlesque Expo on April 11th. I'm performing a classic fan dance, the one I created for Pin-Up Girls. While it would be cool to win a title, I'm thrilled about the chance to just perform in this show. One of my incredible teachers from the East Coast will be there. One of my good friends from Los Angeles will be there. And my college chum, Andy, lives there. How cool is that? The weekend is filled with classes and seminars and networking opportunities. Holy cow!

So, here's my challenge. I've cut my hours at work in order to return to school three afternoons a week. I can make it work I'm sure, but it's going to be a challenge. First I have to get a flight there and back, then a ticket for the extra events, then accommodations. (I can stay with Andy, but I would like a hotel room on the night I perform so I can get ready there and not have to use the subway that night.) This means money. So I'm panhandling online. If you can kick anything my way to help me with my trip, I'd be very grateful.

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