Sunday, February 15, 2009


I like conventions and gatherings but I'm not a big fan of competitions. It's not the competition itself that's annoying; it's the crap surrounding the competition. Unfortunately, winning some sort of title from a competition gives one a certain legitimacy in the eyes of others. I liken it to having an agent's name on an actor's resume. Sure, the actor is just as talented without the agent but having that name on there says that someone believes in the actor's talent and would vouch for the person when the jobs come around.

The Viva Las Vegas first round wasn't as fun as I hoped. It was a pre-selection of performers for the actual dancing competition done by votes. It was complete with mudslinging and accusations and high school drama, all about "a sash and not enough cash." One of my friends won last year, so I thought it would be a fun competition if I actually got in. By the end of the month of voting, I was so tired of the drama that I didn't want to be backstage at the competition itself. The voting system was screwy for the first week or so, which meant the contestants voted in four wild cards who were guaranteed a chance to perform. After the drama, I left my name off my voting list and I was relieved to see I wasn't voted in to compete. I got an email from the producers this week that said they were investigating vote fraud, which meant some people might be booted out of their competition slots. I thought we were done with the VLV drama. So, not a fan of competitions.

But then there's that legitimacy factor. Even though it doesn't change one as a performer, a title tells other people that one knows what one is doing. So I'm entering festivals and competitions this year, hoping that the drama will be mild to non-existent since the other opportunities don't have a voting contest. I also want to perform for peers to get my name out there.

This year I'm entering the Miss Exotic World competition as a duo, me and Andrew. I don't care if we get into the competition itself. I just want to perform. We have a solid number that people love. I have to fill out the application in the next couple weeks. Exotic World is more of a convention, but there is that competition aspect to the whole thing. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the judges will like us enough to let us perform.

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