Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Photo Shoot

For my birthday last month, the L.A. burlesque producers and a couple close friends pooled their funds to get me a photo shoot with a former model and current photographer. Part of the intention behind the photos was to give me some pretty girl images I could use for anything. Another part was so I'd have photos that producers could use to promote me for corporate events.

I've had three shoots in the past month: one with L.A. Burlesque, one with my pal Chris Beyond for the magazine, and this one with Crazy White Lady Photography. Everyone has their own style and every shoot produced lovely and different photos. It would be cool to look at the photos side by side.

I had fun shooting with CWL. We shot at a house that's used as a studio by other photographers and filmmakers. There were costumes and shoes of all sizes and styles there. Of course, I wore my own clothes but I did take advantage of the shoes. All the rooms were set up for shooting. Shannan was very personable and very professional. With the combination of the natural light and the pro lights, my hair photographed closer to its natural color. I had a blast.

So thanks to those of you who read my blog. The snoozy photo above is for you.

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