Sunday, March 01, 2009

Birthday Celebration: Day Seven

As I've said before, performing is a gift. I'm very fortunate to make money doing something I love. For the last official day of my birthday celebration, I had two different dance shows. The photo represents them both.

The first was the wonderfully classic Burlesque After Dark. I'm well-trained in classic burlesque if I do say so myself. I've studied with some incredible people who taught me the fundamentals. I've done lots of research. I've been in a position lately where I've done more classic performances than modern stuff. Heck, it's the classic stuff that got me into Boston Burlesque Expo. For this dinner show, I did two numbers, both from High Jinks Burlesque. The fan number is going to Boston, so it's nice to perform that as much as possible. This was a new space for me, carpeted and L-shaped with mirrors on the walls. I really enjoyed performing there.

I restyled my hair and changed before hopping into the car for my second show. I was glad that I was doing something completely different at the second show because it was more of a challenge. It was Friday the 13th, so I retooled a number in my repertoire to fit the theme. I spent a total of $6 on the costume since I had almost everything already in my wardrobe. It was a venue I knew, but I don't remember it being so poorly lit backstage. I almost fell down some steps because I couldn't see them. It was also very cold, probably the coldest night we've had in L.A. this year. But I was very pleased to get three numbers under my belt in an evening. It was a great way to end my birthday week.

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