Sunday, March 15, 2009


I love food. I hate having to get convenience food, but I do it when we've been too busy to make dinner, there's nothing in the refrigerator, and we're on the verge of passing out. It's hard to find something good and healthy that delivers in our neighborhood. Here's some advice if you find yourself in the same situation.

Try the natural pizza from Pizza Hut. It has organic ingredients. Even though the crust is wheat and a bit sweeter than the regular dough, it's not bad. It's less greasy than many of their other pizzas. Andrew hates the crust, but you can't get the organic ingredients without the wheat crust.

Do not try the lasagna from Pizza Hut. We ordered some last night thinking it looked good on the flier. We sat on the couch eating it and Andrew commented that it tasted like "someone else's mom's lasagna." I couldn't put it better myself. You go to a friend's house, the mom is making lasagna, you say "I love lasagna" and stay for dinner. Then you eat it and it doesn't taste at all like the lasagna you love. The lasagna I make takes about four hours. We've also eaten Marie Callender's lasagna (okay) and Trader Joe's lasagna (better than Marie Callender's). We wouldn't describe the ones from the stores this way. And Andrew, after an evening of cigar fun in the yard, threw up his lasagna. Hence, my recommendation not to eat it.


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