Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Making Me Nuts

I consume dance videos in an effort to learn. After watching as many as I have, I recognize that there isn't always the budget (including location and music rights) for a super-polished work. I've still gotten things out of ultra low-budget dance instruction videos. Some are produced independently, some are produced by a studio. There are two things in a video I'm watching that are making me absolutely nuts to the point that they're actually impairing my ability to learn.
  1. Instructor not properly wired for sound. I don't care if I see the wires or the microphone. I just want to hear the person teach. I have a beta version of a pole video as part of the infomercial I did a few years ago. The instructor shouted above the music to make sure the viewer got the moves and the cues. It's the beta version and I could still hear her. Last spring and last fall I shot a series of choreography videos in my living room. These were just to overcome the obstacle of not being able to meet with my dancers to rehearse them as often as I would have liked. It allowed them to learn the choreography in front of their computers, then come in and have it corrected and fine tuned. You can hear me in those videos, and they were shot in my living room. I can't hear the damn instructor in this video over the post-production music.
  2. Instructor not moving to the rhythm of the music on the DVD. I get that music rights are tricky and you may not be able to get the rights to sell your DVD with that tune you always play in class. If rights are in question, dance to something with a pretty standard beat playing in the background and then add tunes post-production that match that beat. I'm getting frustrated because the moves aren't matching up with the music as well as they should for an instructional video.
This is a video people have purchased (self not included), and the viewers aren't getting as much from the video as they could if these two things were remedied.

Rant over.

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