Monday, March 30, 2009

Out the Nose

I've paid for most of my Boston trip. Here's the tally to date so fills know burlesque ain't cheap, and so my gal pals know what this sort of thing costs.

$490 airfare
$100 discount Expo admission as a performer
$50 master class with a burlesque legend
$260 room at hotel for two nights

That's $900 right there. I'm sleeping on the flight there and staying with a friend the last night do that saves a little money. He's also my airport ride both ways. Still have to come up with money for food and souvenirs.

There's also the stuff I paid for before I got in to perform at the festival.

$200 feather fans
$200 costume
$60 additional rhinestones
$60 jewelry for this act
$30 rhinestones for the pasties

That's $550. It isn't cheap to travel and perform, kids. But it's going to be fun.

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