Saturday, March 28, 2009


That's right, folks. I have panties. Red Snapper panties. I want people to be able to show their Snapper pride without breaking the bank or overfilling the t-shirt drawer. (As a John Mayer fan, I have no room left in my t-shirt drawer for other shirts. I know artists make more money off merchandise than ticket sales so I try to support the artists I love by buying their merch.)

The panties are simple cotton panties with this image and "Red Snapper" on the front. (Image by my friend and incredible artist Sebastian Kadlecik.) I'm selling them for $7 a pair. I also have boxer briefs with the same image for $8. I'll have them available locally from time to time. If you want a pair by mail, send me your size and payment via Paypal.

(I know the item says "Send Snappy to Boston." Just go with it. Put something in the notes for your underwear size and I'll know what that means.)


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