Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some Promotion

Since December 2007, I've been actively working to get my burlesque brand out into the world. I'd like to take a moment to help a couple other brands. If you can lend your support to these, it will help them both (and help my brand in the process).

First, we have Bachelor Pad Magazine. This is the one magazine that I actually read. It's a great quarterly retro mag with "booze, babes & burly-q." I appear as accompaniment to an article this month in a photo by my pal Chris Beyond. I'll make another appearance later in the year as a pin-up. I love this magazine. There are two ways you can help BPM, and both are easy and take very little time.
  1. Go vote for Bachelor Pad Magazine as your favorite pin-up mag: You don't have to register any email or get on some mailing list to vote. Just go vote now.
  2. Subscribe to Bachelor Pad Magazine. One year (four magazines) is only $16. It isn't filled with stupid perfume samples or 45 pages of ads before you get to the articles like most magazines you find in line at the grocer. You won't regret subscribing.
Second, we have L.A. Burlesque. They release a calendar of Los Angeles burlesque performers (some of which have transplanted to other parts of the world but carry the L.A. legacy with them) as a fundraiser for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. The 2010 calendars will be released in April, allowing plenty of time to collect autographs before Christmas and before putting them on your walls in the new year. I did a photo shoot for the 2010 calendar, so you just might see my little face in there. They are available for pre-purchase, so order your copy now.


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