Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Video Endorsement!

I like to endorse things I believe in. Today I'd like to acquaint you with an instructional burlesque video by one of my earliest burlesque teachers, Jo "Boobs" Weldon. If you ever have the opportunity to study with Jo in person, I highly recommend it. She's well-researched, well-educated, very experienced and an all-around great resource.

Her new video is called Honey & Spice: Sensual & Fierce Burlesque. I bought my copy in a presale about a month ago and got it in in the past week. In the video, Jo discusses costumes, takes you through a warm-up, talks technique and tassel twirling, and teaches two different routines. The "Honey" routine is all about the tease and incorporates a boa. The "Spice" routine covers bump and grind. Both routines are the perfect gradient for those new to the art form. Anyone can watch the video and walk away with a new weapon in the arsenal. Jo is quite an amazing teacher.

I was so excited about the release of the video that I bought three copies. My small sister, budding burlesque performer, is going to studiously watch her copy as soon as I ship it. I think my older sister will enjoy it as well, particularly since she has a family and doesn't have the luxury of skipping off to dance classes.

So go buy a copy!

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