Thursday, April 30, 2009

How I Spent My Easter Vacation

This is a little late. but at least it's a post with photos, right?

As you know, I went to Boston for the Boston Burlesque Expo over Easter weekend. You know most of the story there. What you may not know is that I spent my Easter Sunday with my college pal, Andy. Andy has a theatre company in Cambridge. When he picked me up from the airport that Friday, we compared notes on our companies. Sunday was playtime.

As tired as I was from the competition and party the night before (more on that later), I still had a great time at Andy's annual Easter egg hunt. We hid eggs early in the afternoon and barbecued later. He said it was very competitive so we had to hide the eggs really well. So I started hiding them under smashed beer cans, inside the barbecue grill, in the opening of a 5-gallon water jug and under the drink mixer cups. The barbecue and party portion of the day were fun. I ate so much food. Andy burned a hole in the back porch because the coals were still hot and I guess he abandoned them for the party. It was fun. I wish I hadn't been so tired all day.


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