Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to Convention

Yeah, I know I used it as an infinitive verb. I'm a genius so I'm allowed to make nouns into active verbs and create my own terms. :)

I've been to a couple dance conventions. Here are the things I recommend to anyone attending a dance convention, and these things are totally applicable to other conventions as well.
  1. Always have business cards on you. Give them to anyone who wants to know more about you, anyone you share more than a few words with, anyone who will take one. Don't be annoying about it, but have them ready. I have a business card case that I fill, and I carry a box with plenty of extras in my luggage.
  2. Always network. What I mean is make friends. I had trouble networking as an actor because I felt like a fake, like I was just supposed to talk to people with my industry goals in mind. I find that making genuine friendships is far better than just making connections. You have no idea where the next job is coming from and you don't want to seem needy or pushy. Just make friends with people, get to know them and you'd be surprised what can happen.
  3. Take all the classes, seminars, workshops you can. If there's a class offered at a convention, take it. I learned so much from the handful of classes I attended in Boston. Take advantage of the concentration of information that might not be available to you elsewhere.
  4. Be generous. Help people. Use good manners. No need to be pissy with people. Again, you have no idea where the next job is coming from.


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