Friday, April 17, 2009

Push Button Excitement

I have a co-worker who called me with this idea that's supposed to make us both lots of money. It was a cell phone call so it cut out a couple times. I was also in the middle of something else when he called.

Bless his heart, he expected me to automatically be excited about this thing. It's something that involves me doing more work and getting more potential pay, but there's no agreement in writing and I've gotten the Joan Collins special before in situations like this.

I told him I'd probably get more excited if I could see it in writing. When you tell someone to put something in writing, it makes it more official. It proves that the originator cares enough about that thing to take the time to put pen to paper. It shows that there's some commitment to the idea. It also safeguards against Joan Collins specials regarding that thing. That's how to get push button excitement from me -- write it down.

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